⭐ Eye cares

Some interactive eye caring and exercise games

⭐ Leetcode-js

My leetcode(algorithm problems) solutions in javaScript

⭐ Chrome extension - Gist Prettify

A chrome extension serving to beautify the gist code on some popular gist websites like gist.github.com and gistboxapp.com

⭐ Color Memory Game

Play a color memory game online

⭐ Shodo calligraphy app (forked)

Forked and preserved the Shodo app which originally made by Microsoft

Butterfly in css3 animation

Demo for using css3 animation for butterfly and flowers

Advertisement lab

Advertisement customization lab

text file converter demo

Convert text file into HTML - instructed by 《Eloquent javaScript》

ecosystem exercise demo

Simulate an ecosystem - instructed by 《Eloquent javaScript》

sokoban exercise demo

Simulate a Sokoban game - instructed by 《Eloquent javaScript》